Warlock DPS & Tank With Your Pet

As a warlock, you can be a good dps, but with the use your pet, you can perform both the role of dps and tank at the same time.

And you can take advantage of this alibility as a warlock to summon powerful pets when soloing, playing as a duo or raiding in a group via using your pet as an off tank.

To get maximum dps as a warlock, as we talked about in our warlock leveling guide, is through leveling, class training, talent point builds, gear specs and glyphs.

Here’s the strategy on being a dps and tank at the same time.

Soloing or Group:

If you want to use your pet as a tank for soloing or off tank when raiding, use the Voidwalker as it can take a lot of damage and generate threat.

The Voidwalker is best as a tank, and Felhunter is not as strong but has anti magic effects, and so can be used as tanks. The other pet’s roles? The Imp is range damage and Sucubus for crowd control as they puts mob into a charm.

Get the pet to tank 4-5 mobs, then use AoE (area of effect) damage as your role is to do dps.

When soloing, set your Void to defensive, so that it doesn’t go beserk and start attacking everything around you, for better control.

When raiding, set your Void to passive for even better control, so that you can control which mobs it is targeting.

Then at same time, you do ‘drain tanking’, which is a term for a warlock using their abilities of Life Tap to generate mana which is needed for your dps spells but which drains health, and Drain Life, to regain health while you do damage to the mobs.

The reason why this works so well is that your drain life/soul/mana are channelled spells, and interruptions will stop the spells. So your pet is going to be taking the hits as a tank, while you’re casting your DoTs, and and will be much less likely to be interrupted while doing so.

So apply these techniques as you level your warlock.

For more, see our warlock guide for leveling here.


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