Skinning Leveling Guide WoW

Skinning is a popular profession for those who are starting out in World of Warcraft, and want to do a profession that does not require a whole lot of gold. And skinning is perhaps slightly faster than other professions in that if you’re on a quest or instance, you’ll be killing mobs anyway, so skinning is another few seconds but will level up this profession. So as a gathering profession that is fast to do and does not require a large amount of gold to do, skinning may be one of your choices of professions.

The best professions to pair skinning include:

Another gathering profession, eg mining or herbalism – to provide an income by gathering and selling them at the Auction House.

Leatherworking – to make armor for druids, shamans, hunters and rogues, or mail armor for hunters and shamans.

Tailoring – to make bags and some clothing that require leather, to use or to sell to others at the Auction House.

Here’s how to level your skinning:

1.Level your skinning as you level your character from 1-80.

As with any of the gathering professions, level your skinning at the same time as your character. Doing so will ensure that you will be skilled enough in skinning to skin the mobs at the quests and instances you’re doing. You will need a skinning knife and training from a skinning trainer. Then after the mobs are looted, you can skin beasts (except birds), dragonkin, Silithid and some Nerubians.

2. As you skin, look at the color of the names to tell if it’s worth your while to skin them:

Red: Not skinnable

Orange: High chance of increasing skinning level

Yellow: Moderate chance of increasing skinning level

Green: Low chance of increasing skinning level

Grey: Does not increase skinning level

3. Train with your skinning trainer so that you are able to skin higher level mobs as you level your skinning.

Here are the levels of skinning that the trainer will teach, and the level character and skinning skill required:

Expert Skinner – level 10 / 125 skinning required

Artisan Skinner – level 25 / 200 skinning required

Master Skinner – level 40 / 275 skinning required

Grand Master Skinner – level 50 / 350 skinning required

Illustrious Skinner (Cataclysm) – 425 skinning required

So as you level up your skinning during quests and instances, and when you return to a city or town, visit your skinning trainer at these levels.

4. Enhance your skinning level and ability

You can enhance your skinning level with these tools and enchantments. Adding plus 5 or 10 means that at whichever level you are, you can skin mobs that require up to 5-10 skinning skill above your current level.

Finkle’s Skinner – adds +10 to skinning skill, and it drops off The Beast in Upper Blackrock Spire. This dagger cannot be equipped by a paladin.

Zulian Slicer – adds +10 to skinning skill, and it drops off High Priest Thekal in Zul’Gurub. This dagger cannot be equipped by a priest, druid or shaman.

Enchant Gloves – Skinning – adds +5 to skinning skill when the gloves are worn.


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