Lil Timmy’s White Kitten In Stormwind – How To Find

If you’re looking for a cute pet in World of Warcraft, then you would have heard about the white kitten.

You can take your pet with you when questing and is cool!

It breathes in snowy weather to produce a visible breath which is beautiful.

It’s a rare spawn in Stormwind city, only once every 2-3 hours.

As it’s an Alliance pet, it can sell at the Neutral auction House for over 200 Gold as a pet for Horde, especially Taurens. The highest sale price of this rare pet is reported to be 850 gold. Sometimes, a Horde can snatch the White Kitten for a bargain at less than 200 gold.

How to find the White Kitten?

You will have to go to Stormwind city and go to the location where Lil Timmy spawns.

This location is next to the pier, where often a few other children are fishing.

The coordinates are at 47.1, 56.7.

Lil Timmy spawns every 2-3 hours so you will have to wait.

The first time I got the white kitten I was lucky and only had to wait about 10 minutes, but he only carries 1 kitten at a time. I did this at a time when it was late night, so late that no one else was really competing with me.

It pays to wait at the right time!

When he appears, be the first to right click and get the Cat Carrier (White Kitten) from him.

The cost is 57 silver.

He then walks a circuit around Stormwind city along:

The edge of Cathedral square on the path where he spawns

Across the bridge towards the Trade District

The edge of the Trade District (along the water)

Across the bridge to Old Town

Along the edge of Old Town (along the water)

Across the bridge towards the Dwarven District

Along the edge of Dwarven District (along the water)

Across the bridge towards Cathedral Square

Through Cathedral Square

Back to the spawn point (then despawns)

So if you want a cool pet that you can take along with you on quests, then the White Kitten is a great one to have.

Eventually, if you want to part with it, you can sell it for a nice profit.

Collecting rare pets is one way to make gold, and some people even make a routine of it, doing their fishing while they wait at the pier for Lil Timmy and his rare pet to appear.

Otherwise, just wait there a bit and see if you get lucky and have him appear for you in very little time.


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