First Aid Leveling Guide

First aid is one of the secondary professions that anyone can do.

The usefulness of first aid is that:

1. You can heal yourself or someone else without using mana.

This is helpful and can be a lifesaver for healers when you need to heal someone without any mana left to allow your mana to come back up. Healing yourself when the healer is under attack or low in mana with bandages can save your own life.

2. You can heal yourself out of combat to shorten recovery time.

This can help you recovery faster to continue the instance or quest quicker.

Note that the cooldown period is 60 seconds, you if you’re relying on mana to continue healing, you’ll need to have high mana return with good mp5 (mana return per 5 seconds) and spirit.
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first aid

Tailoring Leveling Guide

Tailoring can be a profession that many choose as it is similar to a gathering profession in a way, in that you will be gathering cloth from mobs during questing and instances. To make use of these, you can train as tailor and turn them into a variety of items to sell.

You can make these items as a tailor:

Turn cloths into bolts

Cloth armor

Bags – these can be lucrative


Special clothes like tuxedos

Flying carpet, Magnificent flying carpet and Frosty flying carpet – these are flying mount, made at a skill from 310 onwards, can only be used by yourself.
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Enchanting Leveling Guide

Why do enchanting?

Enchanting is a profession in WoW where you can disenchant items back to its base elements, and enchant items to enhance their performance.

It is a crafting profession that can create elements to sell, and at later levels, to create enchants to improve performance stats of weapons, speed, and other effects which can be very valuable to people in your raiding team, and others such as twinks and people who want the best or highest performing gear.

To do the profession, you will need to get reagents for enchanting. You can get these from mobs as well as by disenchanting armor and weapons. Since you’ll be questing and doing instances, you will gather the reagents directly as well through disenchanting armor, to enable you to do enchanting.

Professions that go well with enchanting

Tailoring – Enchanting can be a good match with tailoring, as you get cloth cloth from mobs, and when you level your tailoring, you will be creating hundreds of cloth armor items, that you can use to disenchant and get the reagents for your enchanting.
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Skinning Leveling Guide WoW

Skinning is a popular profession for those who are starting out in World of Warcraft, and want to do a profession that does not require a whole lot of gold. And skinning is perhaps slightly faster than other professions in that if you’re on a quest or instance, you’ll be killing mobs anyway, so skinning is another few seconds but will level up this profession. So as a gathering profession that is fast to do and does not require a large amount of gold to do, skinning may be one of your choices of professions.

The best professions to pair skinning include:

Another gathering profession, eg mining or herbalism – to provide an income by gathering and selling them at the Auction House.

Leatherworking – to make armor for druids, shamans, hunters and rogues, or mail armor for hunters and shamans.

Tailoring – to make bags and some clothing that require leather, to use or to sell to others at the Auction House.

Here’s how to level your skinning:
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WoW Mining Leveling Guide

Mining is a gathering profession that does not require a whole lot of gold to get started and to maintain it. So it’s a popular one, especially when you’re traveling across many parts of the World of Warcraft world while you level your character, so you may as well mine metal ore, minerals and gems as you go, and create an income from it or to supply another profession.

The best professions to do together with mining with are:

Blacksmithing – which required metals and minerals for the process of making mail and plate armor, weapons, keys and rods.

Jewelcrafting – which require metals, minerals and gems which can be mined, to create jewelry such as rings, necklaces, trinkets and gems for socketed items.

Engineering – the majority of materials needed for engineering can be acquired from mining, with some others from skinning as some recipes require leather, to make guns, bullets, arrows, goggles, devices, mounts and much more.

Here is what you need to know about leveling your mining, as you level up your character:
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WoW Herbalism Leveling Guide

Herbalism, like the other gathering professions such as mining and skinning, are a popular profession as they require little gold to get started, and income can be generated from selling the herbs or its products at the Auction House.

Crafting professions on the other hand require a lot more gold to get them going. If you know how to generate gold fast, the manufacturing professions become easier to level up. But if not, then you’ll need to learn how to generate gold to help you level up these professions.

When you have flight ability, you can gather herbs faster, and if you’re a druid with flight form, you’ll be able to gather herbs even faster as you will not have to dismount in order to do so.

The best professions to do with herbalism are:

Another gathering profession, such as skinning or mining – if your aim is to gather during questing and instances, and selling the items for an income.

Alchemy – as you’ll be able to supply your own alchemy profession with herbs to make potions

Inscription – as to do inscription requires herbs as ingredients to make pigments, which when combined with other ingredients are used to make glyphs.

The tips to know about for herbalism are:
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Warlock Leveling Guide : Warlock Spec, Talent Build, Gear & DPS

As a warlock, you possess some of the most interesting and spellbinding abilities in WoW. In a group, your presence is much appreciated. This is because not only can you do damage and dps with casting spells and curses, the way you cast spells to inflict damage, and drain health and mana are spectacular to watch. Not only this you also provide some excellent healing and resurrection abilities for others too.

There are 3 types of warlocks:

Destruction – for high threat, fast damage

Affliction – for curses, drains and damage over time

Demonology – able to summon demons and to use them as off tanks to distract and damage, when soloing a character or as a part of a team

The tips to leveling a warlock are:
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Druid Leveling Guide

If you want to know how to level your druid, then see our tips here on druid leveling and all the related strategies that you need to know.

As a druid, you are often envied by other classes add this druid leveling guide will help you to maximise your abilities as a druid.

There are so many cool things about being a druid. These include the fact that you can play all 3 roles as you level, due to the ability to change forms. You have caster form (low level spell dps or healing), cat form (melee dps), bear/dire bear form (tank), tree form (higher level healing), moonkin form (higher level spell dps).

Then you can have flight form, which you’ll need flight training, but there’s no need for a mount. This is the envy of other players as you can’t be knocked off mount, eg if being chased, or can’t be knocked off when in the air in PVP and die as a result. When doing gathering professions at high levels you can fly and gather and fly off without dismounting, a major advantage to the classes that need a mount.

These and more, are what makes a druid so special in the entire selection of classes in World of Warcraft.

So how to level a character up in WoW as a druid?
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