WoW Herbalism Leveling Guide

Herbalism, like the other gathering professions such as mining and skinning, are a popular profession as they require little gold to get started, and income can be generated from selling the herbs or its products at the Auction House.

Crafting professions on the other hand require a lot more gold to get them going. If you know how to generate gold fast, the manufacturing professions become easier to level up. But if not, then you’ll need to learn how to generate gold to help you level up these professions.

When you have flight ability, you can gather herbs faster, and if you’re a druid with flight form, you’ll be able to gather herbs even faster as you will not have to dismount in order to do so.

The best professions to do with herbalism are:

Another gathering profession, such as skinning or mining – if your aim is to gather during questing and instances, and selling the items for an income.

Alchemy – as you’ll be able to supply your own alchemy profession with herbs to make potions

Inscription – as to do inscription requires herbs as ingredients to make pigments, which when combined with other ingredients are used to make glyphs.

The tips to know about for herbalism are:

1. Gather herbs as you level up your character from 1-80.

You will be doing quests to level your character up from 1-80 and beyond. When you do so, you should do quests that offer good rewards and xp so that you do quests that are worthwhile. You should do this with the help of an in game guide. When you’re doing quests to level, you will be taken to places that have herbs that you can gather to level your herbalism at the same time.

Leveling your herbalism as you level your character at the same time is the best way to go because if your level of herbalism is too low and you get to the higher level areas, you won’t be able to harvest the herbs. You will have to go back to lower level areas, get more herbs, which can mean travel time and inconvenience.

A good rule of thumb is the 5 times rule. That is, you should be 5 times your level in herbalism than is your level. So if you’re level 30, you should be about 150 for herbalism. It’s a rule of thumb but very handy to quickly check if you’re behind.

2. Use gatherer addon to find herbs easily.

As you are questing or doing instances, you can easily notice if there are herbs near you, when you use your find herbs ability which you’ll get from learning herbalism. Herbs will be shown as on your minimap. As you quest, have an occasional look and gather the herbs as you can.

Now if you add the gatherer addon, your minimap will remember the location of herbs you gathered so that if you need more, you can go back to these locations. And this includes herbs of appropriate level as well as ones that are too high if you go and attempt to pick up a herb that’s too high level. So if you’re back in the same area at a later stage, just follow the circles on the minimap to get more herbs.

3. Take note of the color of the herb name when finding herbs.

When you find a herb on the minimap with gatherer addon, hover over it to see if it’s worth your while to go there and gather as there are often mobs surrounding herbs.

If it is red, it is too high level, if it’s yellow or green, they will have 100% chance of increasing your skill level, if it’s green, it will have 50% chance of increasing you skill level. If it’s grey, it will not increase your skill level.

4. There are levels of herbalism to be aware of, because you will need profession training, by a herbalism trainer at these levels.

The training will enable you to collect higher level herbs than before as each herb has a minimum herbalism skill that is needed to collect it. Here are the levels of herbalism that can be trained by a herbalism trainer, and the level of character and level of herbalism required to train them:

Apprentice Herbalist

Journeyman Herbalist – 50 herbalism required

Expert Herbalist – level 10/125 herbalism required

Artisan Herbalist – level 25/200 herbalism required

Master (Burning Crusade) – level 40 / 275 herbalism required

Grand Master (WOTLK) – level 55 / 350 herbalism required

Illustrious (Cataclysm) – 425 herbalism required

You can see these levels of herbalism and the requirements, when you speak to a herbalism.

Realise that you have a buffer, meaning that if you are at level 30 for example and your next training is at level 125 herbalism, and you’re out on the field gathering and you reach 125, you can continue gathering until 150. Look at your character pane, skills, to see the number you can go up to before getting training.

This means that you don’t have to suddenly stop at 125 and go back to a profession trainer immediately, you can continue a bit more and still get credited for the herbs.

5. You can get the herbalists gloves to give you herbalism bonuses.

Herbalists gloves – will give you a +5 herbalism skill.

These gloves are crafted by Leatherworkers, using a pattern sold by Harlown Darkweave in Ashenvale (limited supply). This is an Alliance item, so Horde characters will need to try to get them at the neutral Auction house. If you’re Alliance, you will either have to know a leatherworker or have a leatherworker who can make them for you, or get them from an Auction House.

You can then enchant these gloves to give additional bonuses:

Enchant Gloves – Advanced Herbalism – will grant +5 herbalism skill.

Enchant Gloves – Gatherer – will grant +5 herbalism, mining, skinning skill.

To enchant them, you can ask an enchanter you know to do it for you, or ask at the trade channel for the services of an enchanter and give them a tip.

6. Use your class specific skills to help you level your herbalism faster.


If you have an ability to stealth, such as with Stealth as a rogue or Prowl as a druid in cat form, then this can help you herb faster.

If you stealth into an area where the herbs are, you can get to the herb undetected, herb, and restealth. If you are detected when herbing, then you can run away from the mobs and use your entangling ability if you have this, to root them to the spot.

Flight Form

If you are a druid, you will be able to get Flight Form at level 60. As a druid herbalist it is an advantage as it means that you an fly to the herb when you’re in Icecrown to gather Icethorn and Lichbloom, you can do so without dismounting as other classes will have to do, and so is quicker and there’s less chance of getting killed or having to engage in combat while herbing.

Root or Stun Ability

You can use your ability to root mobs in place or to stun them (eg Hibernate as a druid, Sap as a rogue, Sheeping as a mage, Banish as a warlock, or War Stomp as a tauren) to gather herbs faster and easier. When you come towards a group of mobs, you can draw them all to you and then use your entangling ability to root them all to the ground or stun them. Make sure that they’re rooted away from the herb to avoid getting attacked during herbalism. When you’ve done this, you can then go towards the herb and gather it without being attacked. Then move on to the next herb and so on.


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