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Of any of the addons or tools that you’ll need for WoW to level faster, enjoy playing way more, to reduce frustration, save a heap of time, and to get a whole lot more out of playing, an in game guide is the one you need.

With this in game guide, you can go from level 1-80 fast, saving a heap of time.

zygor guide

Zygor Guides – 1-80 Horde & Alliance

You free up hours of time as you get to take the quests that give good experience points and rewards, instead of the quests that give little xp or rewards.

You should know, not all quests are created equal, and so the choice of quests and the order in which you do them is so important. Instead of choosing unrewarding quests that take ages to complete and offering little reward or xp and doing quests in an inefficient order, you get to do them in an efficient way. So instead of running round in circles all day, or having to kill the same mobs all over again as you found out that the next quest is in the same area as the one you just did, you get to go on the quests that are rewarding and in an efficient order.

The guide is for someone for new players, for intermediate and also for advanced players to level up their characters.

With Zygor’s Guide:

It tells you what you need to do, step by step, at all levels, 1 – 80.

Tells you where to go, who to get the Quest from, and where to go to complete the quest. No more looking up quest logs or maps to try to navigate around, or needing to memorise where you have to go, using coordinates, and what you need to get for all the quests you’ve taken.

It leads you to the quests that gain good xp or rewards, which are a good level and gives good xp, in an efficient order that avoids aimless running around all the time.

Leads you to quests that are part of a chain of quests that ultimately gives you great rewards.

Shows the name of the mob, the number of mobs you’ve killed, and the number you need to kill for the quest so you know what you’re targeting. So you focus on playing.

It auto-detects which steps you’ve done, so it keeps up with you, as you play, and don’t have to keep ticking them.

It’s all in-game, no alt tab out to find information.

It’s easy to install, yet is so useful and powerful – get up and running in minutes.

The Waypoint arrow works excellently, and shows you the direction to go for the step you’re on, automatically. Unlike other guides, where the arrow disappears when you get to the general area, it does not disappear until you actually find the person you’re looking for! The arrow also has the person you’re looking for or step that you’re up to beneath it so that you can just focus on the arrow if you wanted to, to know what to do next.

Plus it’s the only guide that detects your level and tells you which quests are obsolete as they’re too low level. So if you decide to do some dungeons and level up a level, it will grey out the steps that you no longer need and take you to the next step. But if you want to, you can click back on the guide and put the next step where you want to. It’s got flexibility where you need it!

And future updates as new patches and updates come out, included as well, so it’s always up to date.

zygor guide

Zygor Guides – 1-80 Horde & Alliance

Of all the guides I’ve used, I would recommend Zygor Guides because of all these benefits.

Some guides are flawed in that they are not updated. In Zygor’s guide, there is a team of people updating the guide when changes occur and for each new update. Unlike other guides that don’t deliver on each of the points above, this guide has been always working well and this could be partly because they were the originators of the totally in game guides with all the features you’d expect from an in game guide.

Of all the guides I have used, because it has always worked in all the ways I have described above, it is the guide that I use the most and would recommend for anyone, whether they are new to the game, at the mid levels struggling, or at level 80 and want to level up a second character fast instead of slow.

And yep the guide covers both Horde and Alliance, and all the starting areas for all races including the Death Knight and all levels 1 through to 80 and beyond with Cataclysm.

Is it worth the money?

Because the guide works excellently, to get you on the high value quests, all the time saved, the frustration saved from not having to navigate with maps and focusing on playing instead, it is worth it any day of the week.

And there’s a money back guarantee for peace of mind as well.

Plus the fact that you get the updates all included, makes it totally worth it.

Zygor Guides – 1-80 Horde & Alliance

So if you’re trying to decide which guide to get, then go for the one that works the best, in all the areas described above, and get on with leveling faster and getting a whole lot more out of WoW.

Yours in WoW,


P.S. If you want the in game guide that has all the features to help you level faster, save a heap of time and frustration, and get a whole lot more out of WoW, then get Zygor Guides. This guide is the for all levels from 1 to 80 and beyond with Cataclysm and will save you time, frustration and make playing a lot more enjoyable:

Zygor Guides – 1-80 Horde & Alliance


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