First Aid Leveling Guide

First aid is one of the secondary professions that anyone can do.

The usefulness of first aid is that:

1. You can heal yourself or someone else without using mana.

This is helpful and can be a lifesaver for healers when you need to heal someone without any mana left to allow your mana to come back up. Healing yourself when the healer is under attack or low in mana with bandages can save your own life.

2. You can heal yourself out of combat to shorten recovery time.

This can help you recovery faster to continue the instance or quest quicker.

Note that the cooldown period is 60 seconds, you if you’re relying on mana to continue healing, you’ll need to have high mana return with good mp5 (mana return per 5 seconds) and spirit.

These 2 attributes helps to regenerate mana. Gear with mp5 returns mana continuously, while spirit does so except for 5 seconds after a spell is cast.

How to do 1st aid?

See your first aid trainer from level 1, and you can start making linen bandages. You will be gathering linen cloth from quests, and will use these to make the bandages. The more bandages you make, the higher your level of first aid. And as you level up your first aid, you will need to make different bandages in order to level further.

So the steps are:

1. Find your first aid trainer and do the appropriate level of training.

Use the minimap and set the finder to profession trainer, or ask a sentinel or guard with a scroll when you hover over them and ask where the first aid trainer is.

When you are at your first aid trainer, you can see the levels of first aid. Your levels of first aid are:

Apprentice First Aid

Journeyman First Aid – requires level 50 first aid

Expert First Aid – requires level 125 first aid

Artisan First Aid – requires level 200 first aid

So the training and take note of the next level for later so you’ll know when you’ll need to come back. For example, if you’re beginning, you’ll see that the next level of training can be done at level 50 first aid.

2. Make bandages (or anti venom later) until you reach a level where you can do further training.

For example, if you’re starting out, you can make linen bandages as an apprentice. Do your quests and collect linen cloth, and make the linen bandages until you first aid is level 40. Then make heavy linen bandages.

Then get more training at level 50, and continue making heavy linen bandages til level 80, when you can start making wool bandages, and so on.

The types of bandages can be seen under recipes when seeing your first aid trainer,

These bandage types are:

Bandage First Aid Level Required Healing Notes
Linen 1 Heals 66 damage over 6 sec
Heavy linen 40 Heals 114 damage over 6 sec
Antivenom 80 Target is cured of poisons up to level 25
Wool 80 Heals 161 damage over 7 sec
Heavy Wool 115 Heals 301damage over 7 sec
Silk 150 Heals 400 damage over 8 sec
Heavy silk 180 Heals 640 damage over 8 sec
Mageweave 210 Heals 800 damage over 8 sec
Heavy Mageweave 240 Heals 1104 damage over 8 sec
Runecloth 260 Heals 1360 damage over 8 sec Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in Theramore Isle or Doctor Gregory Victor in Hammerfall
Heavy Runecloth 290 Heals 2000 damage over 8 sec Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in Theramore Isle, Doctor Gregory Victor in Hammerfall or Burko in Temple of Telhamat
Netherweave 300 Heals 2800 damage over 8 sec
Heavy Netherweave 330 Heals 3400 damage over 8 sec
Frostweave 350 Heals 4800 damage over 8 sec First Aid Trainer in the starting locations of Northrend.
Heavy Frostweave 400 Heals 5800 damage over 8 sec Is a world drop from creatures of Zul’Drak, Sholazar Basin and Icecrown in Northrend, and in level 80 dungeons and raids.

3. Take note of the color of the bandage names on your first aid panel.

For example, if you’re level 220 first aid, Mageweave bandages are in yellow, but Heavy Silk bandages will be green.

Yellow means that making that item will give a high chance of leveling up your first aid, whereas green means a less chance of doing so. So you know that you’re up to the ability to make Mageweave bandages. But if you have silk cloth left over, you may as well use them up to make heavy silk bandages.

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