Enchanting Leveling Guide

Why do enchanting?

Enchanting is a profession in WoW where you can disenchant items back to its base elements, and enchant items to enhance their performance.

It is a crafting profession that can create elements to sell, and at later levels, to create enchants to improve performance stats of weapons, speed, and other effects which can be very valuable to people in your raiding team, and others such as twinks and people who want the best or highest performing gear.

To do the profession, you will need to get reagents for enchanting. You can get these from mobs as well as by disenchanting armor and weapons. Since you’ll be questing and doing instances, you will gather the reagents directly as well through disenchanting armor, to enable you to do enchanting.

Professions that go well with enchanting

Tailoring – Enchanting can be a good match with tailoring, as you get cloth cloth from mobs, and when you level your tailoring, you will be creating hundreds of cloth armor items, that you can use to disenchant and get the reagents for your enchanting.

Leatherworking – The profession of leatherworking is best paired with skinning, but you can disenchant leather armor to create reagents for enchanting. It’s probably best if you have another character with skinning that is not supplying skins for leatherworking to have this leatherworking , enchanting combination.

Blacksmithing – The profession of blacksmithing is best paired with mining, but you can disenchant mail and plate armor to create reagents for enchanting. It’s probably best if you have another character with mining that is not supplying ore for blacksmithing to have this leatherworking , enchanting combination.

The steps to take to level your enchanting:

1. See your enchanting trainer for training.

The stages of enchanting and the enchanting levels required for training in them are:

Enchanting Apprentice – level 5, enchanting skill 1 required

Enchanting Journeyman – level 10, enchanting skill 50 required

Enchanting Expert – level 20, enchanting skill 125 required

Enchanting Artisan – level 35, enchanting skill 200 required

Enchanting Master – level 50, enchanting skill 275 required (Burning Crusade)

Enchanting Grand Master – level 65, enchanting skill 350 required (WOTLK)

Illustrious Enchanter – enchanting skill 425 required (Cataclysm)

Note that blood elves get +10 to enchanting, so it gives them a natural boost.

When you train, you will get recipes for enchants. You can see the recipes on your enchanting pane that tells you the tools and the reagents you’ll need and effects of the enchant.

2. Now it’s time to level up your enchanting, by enchanting items.

The first thing you’ll need are reagents.

You can get reagents from three ways:

1. Drops from mobs eg when questing or when doing instances, or

2. From a vendor, or

3. By disenchanting weapons and armor that you pick up along the way in your quests and instances

When disenchanting weapons and armor, the color item will determine what type of reagents you’ll get:

Green – can be disenchanted to dusts and essences

Blue – can be disenchanted to shards

Purple (epic) – can be disenchanted to Nexus, Void, Abyss crystals

3. To enchant, you’ll also need a rod, which will be upgraded as you level up your enchanting.

These are the rods that you’ll need from the start, progressing onwards, with just a few here to give you an idea of what they’re about.

Runed copper rod

To get started, you will need a Runed copper rod, made from a copper rod (from vendors), strange dust and lesser magic essence (both from vendor or from disenchanting green items).

Runed silver rod

At level 100, will need a Runed silver rod, made from Runed copper rod, silver rod (from a blacksmith or the Auction House), 6 strange dust (from vendor or from disenchanting green items) and 3 greater magic essence (from disenchanting green items).

Runed gold rod

At level 150, will need a Runed gold rod, made from Runed silver rod, golden rod (from a blacksmith or the Auction House), 1 iridescent pearl (from mobs or from instances), and 2 greater astral essence 2 soul dust (both from disenchanting green items).

4. Now it’s time to enchant to level up your enchanting.

You can enchant an item multiple times to level up, new enchant is replaced by new one. So for example, if you need to enchant a piece of armor, you can do it many times not just once, as each enchant is replaced by new one, to level up your enchanting.

5. Enchant for others for gaining gold.

As you reach higher levels of enchanting, your skills will be useful to others because the enchants will have a valuable effect. Here are the various ways that your enchants can be sold or traded:

a) You can enchant a vellum (a temporary storage or an enchant) to store the enchant which can be mailed to someone or sold on Auction House. You can get a vellum from a scribe or from the Auction House. Above level 350 enchants are more useful and valuable and gold can be made from selling the vellum.

b) You may be asked to enchant someone’s weapon in the trade channel in exchange for gold. On the trade chat, you may see a message saying looking for an enchanter. If so you can reply. To enchant another people’s item, get them to pass weapon to you in the “not traded” box for you to enchant it and then give it back. You can get gold for doing this, or you can do it for friends for free or in exchange for a favor.

When you reply, you can create a link your enchanting skills in your message by shift clicking on the link icon in your profession pane.

Twinks who want the best weapons and enchants, and can ask for an enchanter or for a specific enchant, so watch out.

c) Some enchants causes weapons to glow a certain color (weapon glows) and some role playing players want this just for the effect and color. So be aware that some players may be asking you to enchant their weapons for a glow or are looking for weapon glows.


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