Druid Talent Build Guide: Balance, Feral & Resto Druids

As we have mentioned in our druid leveling guide, you should strengthen your role as a druid with talent points.

From level 10 onwards, you have 1 talent point per level, to spend on your talent point tree. So from level 1 to level 80 you have 71 points in total to use.

So which areas should you strengthen?

Placing talent points improve your abilities in a particular area, such as dps, tank or healing. You will want to spend your points towards one specialty which means that you’ll be really good at that role and can play that role real well in a team situation eg instances and raids.

How to place the points? Let’s have a look at how you would decide.

Soloing vs duo/team

If you’re soloing up a character from 1-80 you will be able to level faster if you focus on dps (mainly in cat form) as you’ll kill mobs faster. And you will  not need to stop to mana up all the time as you would if you do spell dps.

If you want to spec as a healer, it will be slower to level as a solo, but if you level as a duo, eg as 2 druids, or as a team, then you can be a healer, tank or dps. And as a combination of healer and tank, you will be very popular in random dungeons as most players are wanting to do dps.

You can level as a solo as melee dps, and later re-spec to the talent build you prefer. When you reach level 80, you can re-spec to tank or healing if you prefer these roles for instances and raids. Otherwise if you really want to practice healing at all stages, team up with someone to level together. Leveling together is just as fun!

Changing your spec or Dual spec

As I said, you can level as one spec and respect later. Some people also start as one specialty then do change their mind. How? You will have to spend one gold to change all the talent point allocations that you have allocated to that point. But if you do this again, it will cost more gold each time, to a maximum of 50 gold.

If you have the gold at level 40 onwards, you can have Dual Talent Specialization.For 1000 gold, you can get dual talent spec from your class trainer and have the ability to have two separate talent specs and glyphs. This is for you if you enjoy a character and like to perform 2 different roles when in a group!

Allocating talent points

For best performance in one role, you should allocate most points (though usually not all) into predominantly one tree.

For druids, your talent trees are:

Balance: Range or caster DPS

Feral Combat: Melee DPS or Tanking

Restoration: Healing

Note that often you will put say 50 points into the predominant tree, eg DPS, and the rest in others.

This is because good DPS talents are also located in other trees, eg the resto tree of which some talents provide good DPS and healing at the same time.

This is the talent build I used for druid DPS:


Ferocity – 5/5

Savage Fury – 2/2

Feral Instinct – 3/3

Feral Swiftness – 2/2

Sharpened Claws – 3/3

Primal Fury – 2/2

Predatory Strikes – 3/3

Feral Charge – 1/1

Primal Precision – 2/2 OR Brutal Impact – 2/2

Shredding Attacks – 2/2

Heart of the Wild – 5/5

Leader of the Pack – 1/1

Improved Leader of the Pack – 2/2

Survival of the Fittest – 3/3

Infected Wounds – 3/3

Survival Instincts – 1/1

Mangle – 1/1

King of the Jungle – 3/3

Improved Mangle – 3/3

Predatory Instincts – 3/3

Rend and Tear – 4/5

Berserk – 1/1


Furor – 5/5

Naturalist – 5/5

Omen of Clarity – 1/1

Natural Shapeshifter – 3/3

Master Shapeshifter – 2/2

As you can see, some worthwhile dps talents are located in the resto tree.

For example furor gives you 100% chance of gaining 10 rage when you shapeshift into bear or dire bear form and keep 100% of your energy when you change to cat form. Natualist increases damage by 10% as well as reduce the time for the healing touch cast. Omen of clarity reduces the mana, energy and rage costs of your next healing or damage by 100%. Master shapeshifter increases damage and critical strike chance and healing.

There are many variations of what is a good talent build, and you can choose one and model off it.


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