Druid Gear Spec: How To Choose Gear Attributes For DPS, Tank & Healer

Here’s what you need to know as a druid in terms of gear.

When you pick up gear during quests as a druid, you will have to decide which armor or clothes to wear. As we mentioned in our druid leveling guide, this is crucial for performing in the mid to high levels as a druid tank, dps or healer.

So which attributes to choose?


If you’re soloing a character from 1-80 and want to level fast, then the priority would be to choose items that improve your dps. Doing this will allow you to kill mobs quickly. In particular, as a druid in cat form doing melee damage is faster compared to humanoid form with spell damage. This is because you don’t use up mana in cat form which you would with spell damage, which means you will need to frequently stop to mana back up.


If you’re playing as a pair or as a group on the other hand, and you want to be a tank or as a healer, then you would choose  items that help tanking and healing. You can level as a duo or even as a group and choose the role you enjoy the most. You can always re-spec or Dual spec later if you find that you prefer to perform another role, or more than one role with your character.

2 or more sets of gear?

If you are interesting in doing a variety of different roles, then you can have 2 or more sets of gear, and equip the appropriate one from your character pane or the Outfitter addon.

Keep the gear sets you want to use in your bag and store the others in the bank.

This is the way to go if you enjoy more than one role, so choose gear that will strengthen all of these roles.


Let’s have a look at the attributes you will see for items that you’ll get during quests and see what they actually mean, and then show you how to choose gear depending on what you want to do.

Strength – Increases melee attack (gain 2 melee attack points per point of strength)

Agility – Increases melee attack for druids in cat form (gain 1 melee attack point per point of agility), and slight increase in armor (by 2 points)

Stamina – Provides health (1 health per stamina for the first 20 points, and 10 health per stamina after that).

Intellect – Increases spell critical strike rate and increases mana points (1 mana per intellect for the first 20 points, and 15 mana per stamina after that).

Spirit – Increases health (when out of combat) and mana regeneration (in and out of combat, except for 5 seconds immediately after casting a spell). In general, 1 Spirit point = 1 mp5 (mana return per 5 seconds) while not casting.

Spell power – Increases the amount of damage and healing done with spells

Armor – Decreases damage done by attacks on yourself

Melee DPS

If you are damage or DPS with melee eg cat or bear, choose items with:




Spell DPS

If you are damage or DPS with spells, choose items with:



Spell power


If you are a tank, choose items with:





If you are a healer, choose items with:

Spell power



As you can see, all attributes can be helpful in some way, but as dps, tank or healer, there are ones which give you a lot more benefit.

At mid and high levels, and especially when in a group in instances, dungeons and raids, it is essential that you gear spec properly – you can cause the team to wipe pretty fast if you’re not –  so that you can perform your role effectively.


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