Druid Glyphs: Best Glyphs For Balance, Feral & Resto Druids

Glyphs will increase and enhance the effects of your spells and abilities.

As we mentioned in our druid guide here, the benefits can help in tight situations when questing, or in instances or raiding with others. It all fits in the greater scheme if things. So get your class training, wear good gear, place talent points appropriately and if you can, get the glyphs.

Glyphs are made by scribes (inscription). You can get the reagents of inks (pigments made from herbs) and parchments from a vendor and ask a scribe whom you know or don’t know and offer some gold, to make the glyph.

Or you can get them from the Auction House, which usually cost more gold.

At various levels, you have a certain number of glyph slots:

Level 15: 1 major, 1 minor

Level 30: 2 major, 1 minor

Level 50: 2 major, 2 minor

Level 70: 2 major, 3 minor

Level 80: 3 major, 3 minor

Which ones to choose?

In general this is the guideline:

As a caster or range DPS, look at balance.

As a melee dps or tank, look at feral.

As a healer, look at restoration.

For everyone, look at the general glyphs and minor glyphs for the ones that apply.

By apply I mean that they affect the abilities that you are finding that you will use, or that you do use the most in your current role. If you are interested in speed of leveling, then choose the glyphs that enhance your major attack skills as well as the minor glyphs that affect speed.

Here are the druid glyphs arranged in their groups:


Glyph of Entangling Roots (level 15)

Increases the damage enemies can take before the entangling roots take, by 20%

Glyph of Wrath (level 15)

Reduces the pushback of your wrath spell by 50%

Glyph of Moonfire (level 15)

Increases the periodic damage done by moonfire by 75% but initial damage is reduced by 90%

Glyph of Insect Swarm (level 20)

Increases the damage done by insect swarm ability by 30% but no longer affects your victim’s chance to hit

Glyph of Starfire (level 20)

Increases the duration of moonfire effect by 3 seconds, to a maximum of 9 seconds

Glyph of Hurricane (level 40)

Your hurricane ability now also slows the movement of enemies by 20%

Glyph of Monsoon (level 50)

This reduces the cooldown of your typhoon spell by 3 seconds

Glyph of Startfall (level 60)

This reduces the cooldown of your starfall spell by 30 seconds

Glyph of Focus (level 70)

Increases the damage done by starfall by 10% but decreases its radius by 50%


Glyph of Maul (level 15)

Your maul ability now affects 1 additional target

Glyph of Claw (level 15)

Reduces the energy cost of claw by 5

Glyph of Growl (level 15)

Increases the chance of your growl working successfully by 8%

Glyph of Rip (level 20)

Increases the duration of rip by 4 seconds

Glyph of Survival Instincts (level 20)

Grants an additional 15% of your maximum health

Glyph of Shred (level 22)

For every shred, the duration of rip is increased by 2 seconds, to a maximum of 6 seconds

Glyph of Rake (level 24)

Your rake ability prevents your targets from fleeing

Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration (level 36)

While frenzied regeneration is active, the healing effects on you is increased by 20%

Glyph of Barkskin (level 44)

Reduces the chance of being critically hit by melee attacks by 25%

Glyph of Mangle (level 50)

Increases the damage of mangle by 10%

Glyph of Beserk (level 60)

Increases the duration of berserk by 5 seconds

Glyph of Savage Roar (level 75)

Your savage roar ability grants an additional 3% bonus damage done


Glyph of Regrowth (level 15)

Increases the effect of your regrowth effect by 20%

Glyph of Healing Touch (level 15)

Decreases cast time by 1.5 seconds, mana cost by 25%, amount healed by 50%

Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation (level 15)

Your haste now reduces the time between periodic ticks of your rejuvenation spell

Glyph of Rejuvenation (level 15)

While your targets are below 50%, you will heal them for an additional 50% health

Glyph of Swiftmend (level 40)

Your swiftmend no longer consumes a rejuvenation or regrowth effect from the target

Glyph of Wild Growth (level 60)

Your wild growth can affect 1 additional target

Glyph of Lifebloom (level 64)

Increases duration of Lifebloom by 1 second

Glyph of Nourish (level 80)

Your nourish heals an additional 4% for each of you heal over time effects


Glyph of Rebirth (level 20)

Players are resurrected are returned to life with 100% health

Glyph of Innervate (level 40)

Gives the caster 45% of their mana pool over 10 seconds in addition to the normal effects of Innervate


Glyph of the Wild (level 15)

The mana cost of mark of the wild and gift of the wild is reduced by 50%

Glyph of Thorns (level 15)

Increases the duration of thorns by 50 minutes when cast on yourself

Glyph of Aquatic Form (level 16)

Increases your speed by 50% while in aquatic form

Glyph of Dash (level 16)

Decreases the cooldown of your dash ability by 20%

Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth (level 20)

Your rebirth spell no longer requires a reagent

Glyph of Challenging Roar (level 28)

Reduces the cooldown of challenging roar ability by 30 seconds

Glyph of Typhoon (level 70)

Decreases the cost of your typhoon spell by 8% but it no longer knocks them back


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