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Are you interested in leveling and gathering gold in World of Warcraft? So are we! Here at WoW Secrets 101 we have a team of WoW players who are into getting a whole lot more out of World of Warcraft. When soloing a character from 1-80, leveling in a team of 2, or doing instances and raids, there are tips that you can learn that will have you level faster, get more gold, and be a better player overall.

If you’re a beginner, and you know these tips, then you’ll progress a lot faster in WoW and enjoy it a whole lot more as well. Having it done the hard way, and the slow way, it’s really good to be able to do things better, more efficiently, and to get more gold so that you can get all the gear you need in World of Warcraft and do all the higher level stuff with the stuff and the skills that you’ll need. And freeing up all this time is great as well, as you can do all the fun stuff and not have to struggle to get there.

Also, with Cataclysm, I’m looking forward to taking my level 80 characters into the new zones and exploring the changes in the existing worlds with new characters. There will be new dungeons, instances and raids to do, including heroic versions to make things more challenging.

I really like:

Leveling characters

Getting gold and getting mounts, epic items and rare items

Soloing characters

Playing in a group in instances and raids

Performing the role of healer, dps and tank (all 3 roles) as you can be good at all 3 roles if you know how, and choose to do whichever you feel like!

So if you have any suggestions, let us know by emailing us at:

webmaster (at) wowsecrets101.com

with questions and comments!

Yours in WoW,


Matt & the Team at WowSecrets101.com


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