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Skinning Leveling Guide WoW

Skinning is a popular profession for those who are starting out in World of Warcraft, and want to do a profession that does not require a whole lot of gold. And skinning is perhaps slightly faster than other professions in that if you’re on a quest or instance, you’ll be killing mobs anyway, so skinning […]


WoW Mining Leveling Guide

Mining is a gathering profession that does not require a whole lot of gold to get started and to maintain it. So it’s a popular one, especially when you’re traveling across many parts of the World of Warcraft world while you level your character, so you may as well mine metal ore, minerals and gems […]


WoW Herbalism Leveling Guide

Herbalism, like the other gathering professions such as mining and skinning, are a popular profession as they require little gold to get started, and income can be generated from selling the herbs or its products at the Auction House. Crafting professions on the other hand require a lot more gold to get them going. If […]


Warlock Leveling Guide : Warlock Spec, Talent Build, Gear & DPS

As a warlock, you possess some of the most interesting and spellbinding abilities in WoW. In a group, your presence is much appreciated. This is because not only can you do damage and dps with casting spells and curses, the way you cast spells to inflict damage, and drain health and mana are spectacular to […]


Druid Leveling Guide

If you want to know how to level your druid, then see our tips here on druid leveling and all the related strategies that you need to know. As a druid, you are often envied by other classes add this druid leveling guide will help you to maximise your abilities as a druid. There are […]