Zygors Guide Review

Of any of the addons or tools that you’ll need for WoW to level faster, enjoy playing way more, to reduce frustration, save a heap of time, and to get a whole lot more out of playing, an in game guide is the one you need.

With this in game guide, you can go from level 1-80 fast, saving a heap of time.

zygor guide

Zygor Guides – 1-80 Horde & Alliance

You free up hours of time as you get to take the quests that give good experience points and rewards, instead of the quests that give little xp or rewards.

You should know, not all quests are created equal, and so the choice of quests and the order in which you do them is so important. Instead of choosing unrewarding quests that take ages to complete and offering little reward or xp and doing quests in an inefficient order, you get to do them in an efficient way.
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Lil Timmy’s White Kitten In Stormwind – How To Find

If you’re looking for a cute pet in World of Warcraft, then you would have heard about the white kitten.

You can take your pet with you when questing and is cool!

It breathes in snowy weather to produce a visible breath which is beautiful.

It’s a rare spawn in Stormwind city, only once every 2-3 hours.

As it’s an Alliance pet, it can sell at the Neutral auction House for over 200 Gold as a pet for Horde, especially Taurens. The highest sale price of this rare pet is reported to be 850 gold. Sometimes, a Horde can snatch the White Kitten for a bargain at less than 200 gold.
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Warlock DPS & Tank With Your Pet

As a warlock, you can be a good dps, but with the use your pet, you can perform both the role of dps and tank at the same time.

And you can take advantage of this alibility as a warlock to summon powerful pets when soloing, playing as a duo or raiding in a group via using your pet as an off tank.

To get maximum dps as a warlock, as we talked about in our warlock leveling guide, is through leveling, class training, talent point builds, gear specs and glyphs.

Here’s the strategy on being a dps and tank at the same time.

Soloing or Group:
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Warlock Glyphs Guide: How To Spec For Warlock DPS

As you level your warlock, you can make use of glyphs to improve your dps.

You can get from a scribe (inscription) or from a vendor. They in general increase amount or sped of damage done, improve critical strikes, reduces mana cost, improve healing and resist spell interruption as a warlock. If you have dual specialization, then you will have slots for 2 sets of glyphs.

As you level, you’ll have a number of glyph slots that you can use:

Level 15: 1 major, 1 minor

Level 30: 2 major, 1 minor

Level 50: 2 major, 2 minor

Level 70: 2 major, 3 minor

Level 80: 3 major, 3 minor

Here are the glyphs for warlocks, arranged in level order:
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Warlock Talent Build: Warlock Talents For Affliction, Demonology, Destruction

When you level your warlock above level 10, you will have talent points to spend to improve your abilities as a warlock.

You can spec your warlock in a few different ways, depending on which areas interest you the most, and also on whether you are soloing, playing as a duo or want to mainly raid.

See our warlock leveling guide here for more on how to spec your warlock.

There are 3 groups of warlock talent builds:

Affliction: improves the damage caused by damage over time spells, curses and channelled spells, including healing given by certain damage spells and drains. This combination of increased damage and health support is an advantage when it comes to leveling a warlock. At the end of combat with the right combination of spells to drain life and life tap, you end up with almost full health and mana and is excellent for leveling.
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Druid Healing Guide: Druid Healer Gear, Spec & Tips

As a druid, you will be using your skills as a healer on yourself when soloing, and when doing quests or instances in a group.

You will know that from soloing a druid that you can cast healing spells on yourself, but when in a party or raiding situation, especially when the instance is very challenging, the life of the entire team could be depending on you. See our druid guide here for more on druid leveling.

Before we go into the specific tips for druid healer, check your talents and gear spec.

Firstly, ensure that you spec your talent points to being a healer. This will make you much more effective as a healer and critical if you are a healer at the intermediate to highest level instances.

Find out more about how to druid healer build with talent points here.

Secondly, spec your gear to healing as well. If you have dual specialization or play two roles regularly, have two sets of armor and gear, one for healing and one for dps or other role, and use your character pane to change your armor set to that of the healer.

Find out more about how to druid healing spec with gear here.
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Druid Tank Guide: Druid Tanking Gear, Spec & Tips

As we mentioned in our druid guide, the form to use for tanking as a druid is the bear. The advantage of being a druid tank is that you can heal yourself in emergency situations if needed and survive and keep the team alive and even resurrect others. As a tank, you’ll be leading the group in an instance or raid and setting the pace of the combat.

Ensure that you spec  your talent points for tanking, as well as spec your gear for tanking as well. See here for more about how to:

Druid tank spec with talents

How to druid tank spec with gear

Druid tanking glyphs

You will need all of these specs (especially talents and gear) chosen properly to tank at the mid to high levels, otherwise you’ll take too much damage and not survive combat.
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Druid Glyphs: Best Glyphs For Balance, Feral & Resto Druids

Glyphs will increase and enhance the effects of your spells and abilities.

As we mentioned in our druid guide here, the benefits can help in tight situations when questing, or in instances or raiding with others. It all fits in the greater scheme if things. So get your class training, wear good gear, place talent points appropriately and if you can, get the glyphs.

Glyphs are made by scribes (inscription). You can get the reagents of inks (pigments made from herbs) and parchments from a vendor and ask a scribe whom you know or don’t know and offer some gold, to make the glyph.

Or you can get them from the Auction House, which usually cost more gold.

At various levels, you have a certain number of glyph slots:
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Druid Gear Spec: How To Choose Gear Attributes For DPS, Tank & Healer

Here’s what you need to know as a druid in terms of gear.

When you pick up gear during quests as a druid, you will have to decide which armor or clothes to wear. As we mentioned in our druid leveling guide, this is crucial for performing in the mid to high levels as a druid tank, dps or healer.

So which attributes to choose?


If you’re soloing a character from 1-80 and want to level fast, then the priority would be to choose items that improve your dps. Doing this will allow you to kill mobs quickly. In particular, as a druid in cat form doing melee damage is faster compared to humanoid form with spell damage. This is because you don’t use up mana in cat form which you would with spell damage, which means you will need to frequently stop to mana back up.
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Druid Talent Build Guide: Balance, Feral & Resto Druids

As we have mentioned in our druid leveling guide, you should strengthen your role as a druid with talent points.

From level 10 onwards, you have 1 talent point per level, to spend on your talent point tree. So from level 1 to level 80 you have 71 points in total to use.

So which areas should you strengthen?

Placing talent points improve your abilities in a particular area, such as dps, tank or healing. You will want to spend your points towards one specialty which means that you’ll be really good at that role and can play that role real well in a team situation eg instances and raids.

How to place the points? Let’s have a look at how you would decide.
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